Dare to grow your business with Us!!!

Just a Single Integration.

Accepts multiple credit and debit cards.

No membership fees and annual membership.

We take Internet Payments

Every where inthe World

24 h a Day

Easy, Fast and secure


Our Feeds fit your Company size



4.99% + $0.15

  Every Authorized Transaction   

 Best option for business just starting.

  A web page is not mandatory..




   If your sales are over  

$ 50.000   

  Per month, We can offer you more 

 Preferential rate for sales volume.   

 Exclusive team member for you  

 Support 24/7.




   If you are an institutional Business  

   Ask Us!

  We´ll give you the best price 

 Special rate for public and private institutions.  

 Custom integration with your systems.

Exclusive team member for you  

Support 24/7.

We are Honest

From the very beginning we tell you everything

Integration Costs

No register Cost

No yearly membership cost

No cost by bank transfer

Que incluye nuestra comision por transacción

Bank Operative Costs.

Brands Processing transction cost .

Authentication 3D – Secure.

Constant monitoring of fraud.

PCI DSS Certification. TLS encryption..

TLS encryption.

Access to all our means of payment.

Customization of our platform with the logo and colors representative of the trade.

Access to our administration, control and payment tracking platform.

Managerial APP

Additional considerations

The rates do not include 18% I.G.V. applied only to Pay to Peru corresponding commission

The payments are made minimum in 02 (two) business days..

Our rates are exclusively for businesses that sign a contract and / or agreement in Peru.

An authorized transaction is when the transaction is approved by the issuer of the customer’s card, and to these transactions are the commissions agreed in the contract and / or agreement applied.

Unsuccessful transactions (Denied by the issuer of the cards or canceled by the buyer) are not subject to commission charges by Pay To Peru.

The transactions requested by the business for return will be charged for payment processing costs according to contract and / or agreement agreed with Pay To Peru.

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